After Maggot Incident At Colombo City Centre, Food Studio Clarifies It Is Not Owned By SoftLogic

February 12, 2019


Food Studio has clarified it is not owned by Softlogic, as previously reported. 

In previous reports, it was said that Food Studio, the restaurant atrium at Colombo City Centre was owned by Softlogic and Abans. 

But the company says Softlogic is not involved, ‘Food Studio is not owned by Softlogic and is a separate company,’ it communicated to the media. 

On Feb 10, maggots were found in food served by ‘China Street Food’ a tenant of the atrium.

Food Studio management had terminated the tenancy with immediate effect following the incident. 

Colombo City Centre is a venture by Abans Group in collaboration with Silver Needle Hospitality. 

They signed with Food Studio on March 10, 2017, to open an international food court concept. 

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