Fresh Controversy Over Calorie Counter Practices: Employee Andrew Anton ‘Wanted’ In Canada For Sexual Assault And Child Sexual Allegations  

Fresh controversy has erupted over the recent raid on popular health food chain Calorie Counter, when it was noted by alert members of the general populace, that the man employed as Head of Operations is wanted in Canada for alleged ‘sexual assault, sexual interference with a minor and distribution of child pornography and more.’ 

He is listed on the Ottawa Police Facebook and Twitter page as being ‘WANTED’ on a Canada-wide warrant for sexual assault, sexual interference with a minor, distribution of child pornography and more since July 2015. A separate article published by the Ottawa Citizen lists him as one of ‘Ottawa’s Most Wanted.’

Scandalised Sri Lankans are up in arms on social media, furious that Calorie Counter that has portrayed itself to be a health food chain of the highest standards, with several plush restaurants in top locations in Sri Lanka has not only failed to adhere to minimum health standards but has also employed a man wanted for sexual assault and child sexual allegations. 

Sri Lankans have bombarded the Ottawa Police twitter and facebook pages reporting that Andrew Anton has been spotted in Sri Lanka, and asking that he is arrested or taken away. There is also pressure on local authorities to intervene and inform the Interpol of the whereabouts of this offender. 

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