Sri Lanka Telecom Blocks Access To Neth FM Website For Publishing "Unfavourable" News Item: Activists Condemn Arbitrary Move

Sri Lanka Telecom has banned its users from accessing Neth FM website, the online platform of one of the leading radio broadcasters in Sri Lanka.

The website has been blocked on the grounds that the website has published a piece of news that casts a negative light on Sri Lanka Telecom, an informed source said. 

However, it is learnt that Neth FM website can be accessed through other telecommunication service providers. 

Many social media activists have raised grave concerns over Sri Lanka Telecom's arbitrary move to block access to a prominent vernacular news website. 

When online platforms were blocked in Sri Lanka on previous occasions, the process was initiated by the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission coming under the purview of the President. 

"In this case, however, Sri Lanka Telecom has made a controversial decision to block access to the website in an arbitrary manner," a source familiar with the development said.

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