Harsha Says Fine For Illegal Possession Of Swords Only Rs. 50:" If A Person Is Found Guilty For The Second Time The Fine Would Be Rs. 100"

Minister Harsha de Silva speaking in Parliament said the fine for illegal possession of swords is only Rs. 50.

"If the person is found guilty for the second time, the fine is only Rs. 100," De Silva said, stressing the need to reform the laws over illegal possession of arms under the current circumstances.

He said with the new amendments, the public would have to obtain license to possess swords.

"A person named Ameen, quoting the President, has stated that the people kept swords in households for their own safety. From what we understand, ordinary households in Sri Lanka does not have swords. But from what we hear, households in Saudi Arabia have swords," de Silva said.

The Minister's remarks came after a large number of swords and kris knives were recovered from many places across the country. Nearly 50 swords and knives were recovered from a well near the Jumma mosque, Maligawatte, earlier this week.

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