Youth Organisations Step Into The Fray: Demand Accountability From The Government And More Inclusion In Policy Making

A large number of diverse youth organisations have come together to demand accountability from the government over the Easter Sunday terror attacks that killed 258 and injured close to 500 persons.

The youth organisations have asked that authorites conduct a thorough and impartial investigation into the reasons why terrorism was allowed to flourish unchecked on the island thus far.

Attorney-at-Law Jayantha Dehiaththa, speaking at a press conference organised by the groups, also said the manner in which synchronised attacks were carried out in various locations against Muslim mosques, businesses and households on May 12 and 14 warranted investigation.

Meanwhile, the youth have also condemned the use of relgious leaders to further political goals, requesting political leaders to put aside partisan politics and work together for the betterment of the country.

The youth made it specifically clear they wanted to prevent the country from entering into a civil war again as a result of intolerence and poor management on the part of the government.

"The youth in North have made it very clear they do not want a war again and will work against that in every way," AFRIEL Youth Network Executive Director Ravindra de Silva said.

The youth also asked for more inclusion in the policymaking process, citing the gap between policy and the people on the grassroots level.

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