All Muslim Ministers And Deputy Ministers Collectively Resign From Their Positions Exerting Pressure On Govt. To Ensure Safety Of Muslims

All Muslim ministers, state ministers and deputy ministers tpday annouced that they would resign from their posts demanding the government to ensure the safety of Muslims.

Addressing a press conference at Temple Trees this evening, Sri Lanka Muslim Congress leader Rauff Hakeem said their move would exert pressure on the government to ensure justice for Muslims.

Hakeem also said that the perpetrators behind terrorist activists must be brought before justice without delay and others who have been arrested without proper evidence should be released.

However, the SLMC Leader added that they would remain in the government as 'back-benchers' and help the government survive.

"However, I must also state that the survival of the government will depend on the progress it shows on these matters," he added.

UNP Chairman Kabir Hashim and SLFP MP A.H.M. Fowzie were also among those who were present at the press conference today.

Cabinet Ministers Rauf Hakeem, Kabir Hashim, M. H. A. Haleem and Rishard Bathiudeen, State Ministers Ali Sahir Maulana, Faizer Cassim, H. M. M. Haris, Ameer Ali and Deputy Minister Abdullah Maharoof have resigned from their posts.

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