Harsha Gets Too Excited After Seeing "Screaming Crowds": Says Sajith Will Become The Next President If Given The Chance To Contest Election

September 05, 2019
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Minister Harsha de Silva tweeted "screaming UNP crowds" at the pro-Sajith Premadasa rally in Kurunegala made it clear to him that Premadasa would be elected the next President of Sri Lanka, if given the chance to run for the presidency at the next election.

"It is becoming clear to me with each passing day that the choice of our candidate is now not in doubt. He has a very good chance of becoming the next President of SriLanka if given opportunity to run," de Silva tweeted.

De Silva is one of the top advisors to Premadasa who is trying to strong-arm the party leadership to obtain the presidential candidacy.

However, many commmented on de Silva's tweet ridiculing the lawmaker for not understanding that "large crowds" do not merely translate into votes.

They pointed out that if it was the case, the JVP, which constantly pulls large crowds to their rallies, would have been in an indomitable place in the country's politics.

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