Sen-Sal Nugegoda In Hot Water For Allowing Bathroom Pervert Go Without Handing Over To Police

Sen-Sal Bakery in Nugegoda is under criticism on Facebook for not acting in a responsible manner to a serious breach of privacy on it’s part.

According to a post going viral on Facebook, the establishment had allowed a man who was not a patron to use the bathroom, and when it was found that the man was peeping into an adjoining cubicle in which there was a female, the management refused to take responsibility but let the pervert go.

Writing on Facebook, the victim said:

'I went to the loo with my 9 year old son. There are 2 cubicles. One was locked. I asked my son to stand outside the main door while I was in the loo.

He had slightly opened the main door and looked inside because he was afraid to stand outside alone. He had seen a man on all fours in the other cubical peeping into mine.

I heard a soft knock on my door and when I opened my door my son was whispering that there was a man peeping from the other cubical.

I went and stood outside the main door so that the man couldn't leave without me seeing and sent my son to get the security guard. He came with a waiter.

The waiter went in to the toilet and asked the person to come out. Lo and behold it was a man.

I questioned him. He said he worked at the tailor shop and came to use the toilet. He got away.

The staff should have handed him over to the police. I went and complained to the manager, who told me to complain to the police. He was not even interested in getting the video from me.'

Only later he sent a waiter to get the video from me. It is their establishment and they should have kept the man and handed him over to the police.

What if children went into the toilet alone?, the woman asked - not taking her safety into consideration, adding that businesses like Sen-Sal SHOULD take the safety of their customers seriously.

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