"Get A Wife And Make Children": Prime Minister's Son Rohitha Rajapaksa's Comments On Twtter Spark Social Media Outrage

February 23, 2020

Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapkasa's son Rohitha Rajapaksa's angry comments on Twitter has sparked outrage on social media.

Rajapaksa, who recently obtained a PhD from the University of Colombo for mathematics, was seemingly irked by a question on the manner in which he utilizes public money.

"There is no clause I have to declare my private assets and show off. But trust me no public fund is used for our personal benefits. Why don’t you get urself a proper job and an education so you won’t be jealous of another person's success? Get a wife and make children," Rajapaksa said.

He also went on to respond to another person on Twitter who asked about his brother, Namal Rajapaksa's alleged involvement in money laundering cases.

"You seem to know a lot more than the CID, please join and make them finish these cases soon so you can find urself a boyfriend who can keep you company," Rajapaksa said.

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