Some Staff Members At Asiri Medical Hospital Currently Under Observation Due To Irresponsible Conduct Of COVID19 Patient Who Withheld Information

Health Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi said four COVID19 patients detected last evening include one person who was already suspect at the IDH, one Dubai returnee also already within the system and an India returnee in self-quarantine.

“However, the fourth person did something very wrong. The son arrived from India on the 15th. They did not inform us. The father (85) is now tested positive. They have visited several private hospitals, moved around socially. One person like this is enough to spread the disease to the entire society."

However, the patient has promptly been transferred to the IDH. "We are ready to take strong punitive action against irresponsible people like this. Those hiding fact they have arrived in Sri Lanka recently and refusing to register with the Police are committing a great crime against the country."

Issuing a statement on the same patient, Asiri Health hospital said, "A patient who had been under treatment at a state hospital, who's family deliberately withheld relevant information, tested positive for COVID-19, at Asiri Medical Hospital yesterday, March 26, 2020. The patient was immediately transferred to IDH and all hospital personnel who were put at risk have been isolated and are under observation under the guidance of the Epidemiology Unit.

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