Police Say Wimal Also Changed Birthday

Police told Colombo Magistrate's Court that former minister Wimal Weerawansa and his wife Shashi Weerawansa have both changed their birthdays when they obtained the birth certificates of their children.

Accordingly, Weerawansa has changed his birthday from 1965 to 1970 and his wife, from 1967 to 1971, BBC Sandeshaya said.

Police also informed that Shashi Weerawansa has obtained two passports for both birthdays.

She is been held in remand at the Neville Fernando Private Hospital in Malabe.a private hospital in Malabe on charges allegedly submitting forged documents to get a diplomatic passport and a normal passport.

Meanwhile, former Controller of Immigration and Emigration Chulananda Perera told CID that Shashi Weerawansa was given a diplomatic passport on the request of the former minister.

Police has launched investigations on her having two passports and two National Identity Cards. Those who collaborated will also be brought to justice, Police Media Spokesperson SSP Ajith Rohana told media yesterday. Meanwhile, it has been revealed that the documents pertaining to Shashi Weerawansa's NIC have gone missing from the Department of Registration of Persons.

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