Have Apologised For The Sake Of The Nation: Sarita Devi To NDTV

Sarita Devi, who won a bronze in the 57-60kg category in the Asian Games said she apologised because she felt her country should not suffer as a result of her actions.

I apologised for the sake of my nation. What I did on the podium shouldn't affect my teammates," she said.

In an exclusive interview to NDTV, Sarita Devi said that Ji Na Park had told her on the podium that she was the deserved winner of the match.

"My Korean opponent also knew I was the winner. At the podium, she came and told me that according to her I was the winner," said Sarita Devi.

The boxer had broken down when the decision did not go in her favour and felt she had been cheated of a chance to compete for gold. She invited controversy by choosing not to wear the bronze medal at the ceremony but said it was not a pre-planned decision.

"What I did at the medal ceremony was not pre-planned. If it was pre-planned, I wouldn't have come out to the medal ceremony."

She is extremely happy at the support she has received from the fans and says it has been a consolation after such a devastating blow.

"I want to thank fans from India to help me recover from a broken heart in Korea," she said.

Sarita Devi wants to move on and says that she hopes to get past this episode.

"I want to forget this episode and start preparing for the upcoming World Championships and prove my worth."

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