‘I Don’t Blame The Students Who Are Being Used As Tools’: President

President Maithripala Sirisena, addressing a ceremony at the Lankapura Maha Vidyalaya in Polonnaruwa yesterday, said he didn’t blame university students for the mayhem they were causing, as certain political groups were using them as tools.

“These groups are misleading university students,” the President said. “I don’t blame university students for the actions of those who conspire to use university students as tools.”

He said these “politically indecent” groups were attempting to persuade people that the government was planning on deprive local university students of opportunities.

The President pointed out that nearly 2, 50,000 students sit for AL exam annually and while 90,000 are eligible for university education, university admission is only offered to 25,000 students.

“To make the dreams of the rest of the students a reality, state universities as well as private universities with higher standard should be established,” he explained. “We cannot limit the educational rights of any child at any time in the country”, he said.

The President said that nearly 80,000 students left the country for higher education and warned that this should be a matter of concern, as families often pawned their houses and land to sponsor the education of their children abroad.

“The government has taken the policy decision that the private sector university or educational institute should provide education according to the rules recognized by the government,” he assured those at the ceremony.

Chief Minister of North-Central Province Peshala Jayarathne, Provincial Minister Sampath Sri Nilantha and the Principal of the Lankapura Maha Vidyalaya Sarath Hemakumara also participated in this event.

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