Wijedasa Draws Little Support From UNP: Even UNP Gen. Secretary Indicates No-Confidence Attempt Is Justifiable

Justice Minister Wijesdasa Rajapaksa, who is now on the verge of facing a no-confidence motion, has drawn little support from the UNP Parliamentary group, Asian Mirror learns.

UNP stalwarts Harin Fernando, Ajith P Perera and Mujiber Rahuman are at the forefront of the no-confidence initiative against the Justice Minister.

"Many MPs are of the firm view that Rajapaksa should face a no-confidence motion or he should be removed from the Cabinet," a UNP Parliamentarian said, adding that the Justice Minister has little support from the Parliamentary group of the party.

"Probably he can draw support from the Joint Opposition group in Parliament. But they have only 50 MPs in the House - not enough to defeat a no-confidence motion," he added.

He said the matter was discussed at a meeting held at Parliamentarian Ravi Karunanayake's house, last evening.

Meanwhile, when asked about the no-confidence attempt against Rajapakshe, UNP General Secretary Kabir Hashim told journalists in Parliament yesterday that action should be taken against those who cannot obey the government's decisions.

"There is a responsibility for everyone. If someone tries to act in violation of this responsibility, the government will have to take action," the UNP General Secretary said, indicating that the no-confidence attempt against Rajapaksa was justifiable.

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