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It is presumed that on average a Sri Lankan can lose up to 50 working hours per year on waiting time for core service offerings. These include finance, government services, healthcare, beauty and grooming, automobile, entertainment and many more services that one needs to fulfill in general. offers a much-needed solution through its online booking platform, a first of its kind in Sri Lanka with around 500 businesses registered since its launch in December 2016.

The business objective of is twofold. The portal enables SMBs to thrive by providing the right digital tools to propel their service oriented businesses. It helps businesses to restructure themselves to become more efficient and increase customer footfall as a result. On the other hand, it gives the customer convenience, choice and a quick method for service consumption; traits much valued by customers in their busy, urban lifestyles.

Apart from being a first of its kind in Sri Lanka as a bookings and appointments management platform which is also a consumer facing market place, it is the first such platform designed with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) first mindset. The drive for innovation has enabled customers to search and make appointments via a conversational chatbot on Facebook messenger. had its soft launch in January 2017 and has been working towards structuring a comprehensive platform over the past 6 months. The project was reinforced by successful funding from angel investors from the UK. Combined with an innovative team culture, the organization has been successful in its venture with the potential to grow further. Up to now it has served many small to medium businesses and conducted a digital survey to identify the top 5000 service oriented businesses. The team invites businesses to check if they have made the list, and if so to claim their own page on

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