‘Ask Dulux’ Colours SLIA Exhibition With Expert Solutions

Dynamic walls and sophisticated digital tools were not the only reasons Dulux drew in crowds at ‘The Architect 2014’ held recently at the BMICH. The leading decorative paint brand challenged tradition with a real life Ask Dulux consultation lounge dispensing solutions instead of just products. Services provided onsite included all aspects of the Ask Dulux spectrum from color consultancy to technical advice. 


Last August AkzoNobel Paints Lanka Pvt Ltd, launched Ask Dulux, a breakthrough service geared at channeling its expertise to customers in a comprehensive but structured and interactive manner. The facility encompasses a recommended painter service, a fully-fledged customer resource hotline, an online shopping portal, color consultancy and doorstep painting advice. The breadth of services are facilitated by the brand’s focus on exhaustive research and training, a resourceful international network and a team of industry experts.

“The idea behind Ask Dulux is to take the pain out of painting,” explained Dilshani Edirisinghe, Category Manager. “Insights revealed that for most customers the biggest deterrent to painting was the chain of problems they faced when a mistake is made. Most often these issues could be avoided with appropriate guidance.  We would like painting your home to remain an inspirational and positive experience.”

Dulux operates the only e-commerce website for decorative paints in Sri Lanka.  Its easy-to-navigate site allows users to make purchases from anywhere in the world with free delivery across Sri Lanka. Special deals are available to online shoppers and those interested in current trends can stay up to speed by following the Dulux Sri Lanka Facebook page.

AkzoNobel’s recommended painter service is again the only one of its kind in the local market. The painters are well trained and can be consulted on all aspects from allocation of products and correct applications methods and systems to safety measures.

Ask Dulux’s Color Consultancy is a detailed process whereby trained color consultants tour the site, understand the customer’s preferences and present a digital color preview. The process eliminates guesswork and has proved a cost effective approach. Alternatively customers may use the Dulux Color Schemer online, trying out colors on the available sample rooms. 

AkzoNobel’s Doorstep Painting Advice service dispatches a technical team to sites to investigate problems and offer corrective remedies for easy maintenance.  Visitors at this year’s ‘The Architect’ were appreciative of the opportunity to consult with the Dulux team who were successful in shedding light on every query. Customers are directed to www.duluxshop.lk for further information. 


AkzoNobel Paints is a Global Fortune 500 Company and the world’s largest manufacturer of paints and coatings.