OREL Corporation signs strategic partnership with NSBM Green University

February 02, 2021

OREL one of the most innovative companies in the country who has pioneered and then dominated the lighting industry, recently announced a new partnership with NSBM, one of the country’s leading higher education institutions.

The partnership was entered into by the Electronic and Robotic division of the OREL Education division that provides Engineering equipment software and solutions as the sole authorized distributor of ni (national instruments)Quanser and lucas nulle academic partner. It was signed between Mr.Chaminda De Silva, General Manager - Business Development of OREL Corporation and Prof. E.A.Weerasinghe, Vice Chancellor NSBM Green University.

Initiated to help address the existing talent gap in engineering innovation in the nation, the key mission of this venture will be to help students prepare for the “jobs of tomorrow” with in-demand technologies in engineering, and aims to impart skill development through career mentoring, market aligned skills training for employability and inculcating an entrepreneurial mind-set.

The partnership will also provide an unparalleled opportunity to propel growth in the engineering innovation space and will act as a catalyst to develop the next generation of innovators , that will in turn have a positive impact on the industry .

“The incredible transformation we are witnessing in this challenging Pandemic era   calls out for organizations, governments, higher education institutions and  employers, to step up and tackle one of the fundamental challenges of our time: that of closing the skills gap by teaching, training and preparing students for the jobs of tomorrow,” said Mr.Chaminda De Silva, General Manager - Business  Development of OREL Corporation “This is a crucial part of our mission at OREL and we are proud to join forces with a leading institute such as NSBM to help make good on that purpose,”he added.

Commenting on their reasons for initiating the partnership, the Dean of NSBM Dr. Chandana Perera stated “Engineers today play a critical role in innovation and in improving society. This will become even more important as our society transitions to high tech, high value-added activities, and we were keen to give our students the advantage of gaining guidance from leading industry innovators such as OREL Corporation who have a track record of success in this space in the marketplace, “

Endorsing this statement , Professor Chaminda Rathnayake Deupty Vice Chancellor of NSBM commented “Our mission at NSBM is to develop internationally aware, innovative and employable graduates, For this reason, we are particularly excited about our collaboration with OREL and its potential to help our Engineering students meet and exceed the changing needs of the current futuristic workplace and we are confident that this collaboration will provide a new model of employability and entrepreneurship for our students .We look forward to working with OREL in the coming months with our first batch of students towards making this vision a reality.”

The commitment of OREL to the education sector includes significant investment and  dedication to the training and development in harnessing an innovative mindset amongst the next generation of business and engineering professionals. The OREL team with their valuable knowledge and experience gained over many years of being an innovative market leader is well suited in playing a key role in this space .

OREL looks to continuing this initiative by cementing further such collaborations with forward thinking educational institutes and universities, to give back their learning’s  to produce the next generation of young innovators in engineering, that will in turn  give birth to an active and vibrant engineering community in the country.