Sun Match helps amputees walk again

February 24, 2021

Sri Lanka experiencing the impacts of Covid19 is faced with the unfortunate reality that many people who are amputees not having health insurance and the financial means to cover the high cost of prosthetic needs.

Sun Match Company the producers of the leading brand ‘Soorya’ partnered the #helpthemwalk again project way back 17 years ago to provide prosthetic care to amputees who are faced with livelihood challenges which is done with attention and a lot of love and care as per the vision of their founder TRR Rajan.

To mark the 17th death anniversary of the founder, on the 31st Jan the  Sun Match donated prosthetic limbs to needy patients at the Centre for Handicapped in Kandy. The selection of the beneficiaries were done where the amputees had been identified way before the event and all specifications obtained to ensure that each of the prosthetics were custom made.

Speaking at the event  Founder’s daughter Gowri Rajan , the Director of   Sun Match and World bank/ WIM award winning business personality said “the goal was a simple one-to help people in need to walk again”. Losing a limb is a tragic experience for anyone and is likely to cause significant disruption to many aspects of a person’s life which can have an impact on one’s occupation, relationships, and even leisure. Hence just like my father used to advocate to always give a person a life and he will then give back to humanity one day , the mission of Sun Match’ is  to restore dignity and self-confidence for those who have experienced such a loss “ said Ms. Rajan. 

“The project so far has made an impact by 142 people gaining the opportunity to lead an independent  and dignified life with the ability to walk again. This year as well, whilst the world fell into turmoil due to the pandemic, we  ensured that we continued with our mission in supporting  amputees who needed it the most, to gain the ability to once again participate in meaningful life activities” said the Chairman of the company Deshamanya Suri Rajan and the younger brother of its founder. 

A typical Prosthesis limbs with a realistic appearance that helps users hide the limb loss is known to support the confidence and the potential to create a positive image of disability. The Company’s  aim therefore is to support amputees re-engage in their life’s activities and demonstrate to the amputee and their families that the loss of a limb does not define them nor hinder the ability of having a full filled life said company sources. 

The Sun Match Company birthed by late T. R. R. Rajan nearly four decades ago, subsequently becoming a powerful household brand today is trusted  by every homemaker. It goes down in the annals of history as the first wax coated safety match manufacture in Sri Lanka . Sun Match  product range includes the numerous selection of incense sticks ranging to 14 different variants, Soorya candles ,toothpicks and their latest addition of Sun Hygiene brand of disinfectants. Each of the  products have been recognised for its superior in quality, safety and proven to be consumer friendly. 

The late TRR Rajan who was known for his philanthropy  held the Chairmanship of the  Centre for Handicapped for number of years during which time , globally reputed Agencies such as USAID and NORAD have partnered the Centre  including the Government of Sri Lanka 

T R Rajan together with  others on the Board of Management of Centre for Handicapped gave the required foresight and leadership during this early period which has now resulted in this Centre being the premier Centre in the entire Island providing the full range of services and mobility devices to poor physically handicapped persons.