MeGha Primal Intake: launched to help combat COVID-19 by boosting the human immune system

During a period heightened by a focus on immune boosting due to the raging pandemic in force, MeGha Caring, consisting of a team of medical expertise and research analysists have recently come up with a new solution; MeGha Primal Intake to help boost the immune system of all patients diagnosed with Covid-19. 

Launched with the significant goal of eliminating the virus from the body of the affected, MeGha Caring developed the product together with the aid of a diverse team of scientists and western doctors who have put in tireless hours of research and development into coming up with a product that not only helps boost the consumer’s health but helps eradicate the virus from the diagnosed. 

The brains behind the operation are Dr. Nanda Gunawardhana, Director, Research and International Affairs, SLT Campus, Sri Lanka and Dr. Sampath Gunawardhana, a medical doctor and the Founder of Your Energy Well. It is with their vision to help the nation live healthier and thereby, happier lives that has been the backbone of the development of Me Gha Primal Intake. 

Having carried out intense research, the team has recognized that when the Corona virus enters the human body, cytokines which are the pro-inflammatory signaling molecules in the system are released as a body’s immune response against the virus. However, in certain cases, large amounts of cytokines are released which results in organ failure or even death. 

Dr. Nanda Gunawardhana addressing the audience  at the launch ceremony  that took place recently at Shangri la Hotel with prominent doctors and health care specialists in attendance  said: “ we have developed this supplement to prevent the perilous cytokine storm that takes place in the human body as a result of the virus. MeGha Primal Intake, has been given a lot of research to ensure that we bring out the best healthcare to help combat the fast-spreading virus.” 

Other benefits of MeGha Primal Intake include enhancement of the Central Nervous System (CNS) drug delivery. Researches at the facility have also recognised that the Corona virus can enter the CNS including the brain. Thereby, MeGha Primal Intake enhances the drug delivery to the CNS by passing through the blood brain barrier and fighting against the virus in the CNS. 

Similarly, while research has shown that the virus harms the alveolar type II cells in human lungs, MeGha Primal Intake has been developed in a manner that it regenerates the alveolar type II cells. 

“Myself, together with the rest of the MeGha team is confident that the consumption of this supplement can significantly reduce the number of deaths in the country at a time when the country’s hospitals are challenged by the overflow and influx of Covid patients being diagnosed on a daily basis,” noted Dr. Sampath Gunawardhana.

Harindu Danthanarayana, CEO of MeGha Caring, addressing the press conference stated that MeGha Primal Intake has been very successful. He further said that when given to Covid-19 positive patients, 88.5% of them reported that their symptoms were improved within the first three doses. Upon completion, 100% of them were recovered. Further, when consumed by the close contacts, 97.5% of their PCR and Antigen tests were negative. 

MeGha Primal Intake is a 100% natural product with no artificial colours, flavours and preservatives and is manufactured in an ISO 22000 and GMP certified facility. MeGha Primal Intake is  currently available at Arpico Supercenter’s  and Arpico Daily outlets .