Eva and the State Ministry for Women and Child Development Rolls out the Second Phase of 'Diyaniya' In Celebration of International Women's Day 2022

Sri Lanka’s leading feminine hygiene brand, Eva, together with the State Ministry of Women and Child Development recently launched the 2nd phase of the 'Diyaniya' initiative, in view of the International Women's Day 2022. Based on a concept by the Hon. State Minister Piyal Nishantha, 'Diyaniya' initiative was first introduced in 2021 to raise awareness related to feminine health and menstrual hygiene.

This year the initiative was announced at a joint press conference held on March 3rd,2022, by Eva and the State Ministry for Women and Child Development, Pre-Schools & Primary Education, School Infrastructure & Education Services.  The event was graced by the Hon. State Minister of Women and Child Development, Piyal Nishantha de Silva, Mrs. Kumari Jayasekara, Secretary, State Ministry of Women and Child Development, Mrs. S.B. Dissanayake, Chairperson, National Committee on Women, State Ministry of Women and Child Development, Mrs. Champa Upasena, Director, Women’s Bureau in Sri Lanka, Mr. Suranga Jayalath, Group Director, Capital Maharaja Group, and Mrs. Shanthi Bhagirathan, Group Director, Capital Maharaja Group.

Under 'Diyaniya' initiative, in 2022, Eva will reach out to 250 selected schools across the country, providing infrastructure including sanitary napkins and other essentials. The brand will then visit each school to conduct special workshops on feminine/menstrual hygiene with the support of trained professionals, ensuring that young students have the ability, knowledge and means to practice good feminine hygiene, aiming to improve their overall health and wellbeing.

Speaking at the media conference, Hon. State Minister, Piyal Nishantha de Silva expressed his views on this initiative, his own brainchild saying, ''We conceptualized the 'Diyaniya' initiative to meet the government's objective of providing free and easy access to the means of fulfilling sanitary needs, for female school students around the country. It is my great pleasure to see the project successfully rolling out for the second consecutive year, thanks to the support of Eva. With the support of Eva, we strive to ensure that no girl child will miss school or other life opportunities due to period poverty.”

Speaking about this timely endeavor, Mr. Suranga Jayalath, Group Director, Capital Maharaja Group said. “As an organization that places great importance on the empowerment of women, we have always extended unwavering support to the cause at all times. This project, now in its' 2nd year, takes a holistic approach to empowering women by fulfilling the needs of the girl child and normalizing knowledge on feminine hygiene. We believe this will contribute positively to the lives of many thousands of school children around the country, especially those from rural areas''

Mrs. Shanthi Bhagirathan, Group Director, Capital Maharaja Group, speaking at the event said, “Eva is a brand that has touched the hearts of millions of Sri Lankan women for decades now. We have always been socially conscious and directed our strengths to support the cause women empowerment through the years. 'Diyaniya' initiative was launched exactly a year ago and it gives us great pleasure to have achieved the goals set for that period and to successfully initiate its' second phase now. While thanking the Hon. Minister and the Ministry, we would like to assure of our unwavering commitment to push the project forward''.

Extending a message to school students around the country, Mrs. Bhaghirathan further added, ''For me education is power. It gives me confidence and makes my voice heard. So believe in yourself. Be confident in your ability. Trust in your own talent. It takes hard work but enjoy the moment and don't forget to celebrate success. These are what worked for me to be succesful in my career''

EVA continues to be the flag bearer for feminine hygiene in Sri Lanka, enjoying generational trust as a household name. All Eva products are manufactured under SLS Certified, ISO – 9001 manufacturing processes, adhering to international quality standards, certified by NMRA. This is supported by the organization's state-of-the-art research and development facility that consistently works towards new and improved products, designed to give the modern woman the freedom she deserves to 'Lead with Confidence'.