Dialog Smart Home brings you a Smart Security Doorbell to ensure the security of your home

Most of us lead very busy lives that often keep us away from home. Regardless, it is important to ensure the safety of your home and loved ones while you are away. A smart system that alerts you of any unexpected guests, intruders wherever you are is ideal. However, finding a security solution that is both affordable and reliable at the same time is easier said than done.

Dialog, Sri Lanka’s No.1 connectivity provider has introduced a state-of-the-art Smart Security Doorbell that is designed to be the ultimate first line of defence for your home. Priced at LKR 19,990/- only, it is one of the most affordable all-around entry-level smart security systems in the country.

This Smart Home Doorbell is equipped with an array of security features to guarantee maximum protection. The motion detection sensors can instantly alert you of any suspicious activity happening outside your front gate or door. The HD camera embedded into the doorbell will allow you to see what’s happening outside your front door in HD-quality, anytime, from anywhere.

Expecting a delivery? Talk to the delivery person or to an unexpected guest remotely through the two-way communication system to verify their identity. If your front gate is equipped with a smart lock, you can unlock the door remotely via your mobile device. The remote unlock feature is ideal for home businesses that operate around the clock.

The cloud storage feature will give you the option of storing HD quality video recorded through your doorbell for up to 7 days. The ability to onboard up to 20 users means that every member of your household can have their own digital key to the house. The Smart Doorbell from Dialog Smart Home comes with a 6-month warranty and can be installed with just a few simple steps.

The Netvue App is available for download freely on the iOS Appstore and Google Play Store, which makes controlling your front door with your mobile device a breeze. The ability to integrate your smart doorbell with Alexa means you can simply speak to your smart assistant and check who is at your front door even when your hands are too full.

The Smart Home Doorbell from Dialog is the ideal security solution for any home or small office. You can get your own Smart Doorbell from Dialog’s Online Store www.dialog.lk/smarthome and have it conveniently delivered right to your doorstep at no additional charge.