An array of choco delicacies is now available at the Pitthala junction

September 18, 2022

The new venture, Kandos hand-crafted chocolate shop opened last week, offering a unique range of treats to devour at No 3, Sir Earnest de Silva Mawatha. The opening ceremony was grandly held with our chief guest Aravinda de Silva, with his charming wife.

Kandos was a leading business magnet at that time. Upali Wijewardena, with other originators,  had a clear vision, with the insistence of the link ‘bean to bar, where the cocoa bean a wholly locally grown crop was the base for  Kandos, as we call it today. Kandos has a journey of sixty years inspired by tradition, and attention to detail until it has reached its irresistible end product in demand island-wide.

So !!!, what’s the big deal?. Wait for it. !!  the Pitthala Junction, ‘handiya’, really, is our newest location. It is not just another Kandos outlet, but a spot of relaxation where you drop in with your friends, chat and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere in addition to an array of hand-crafted chocolate. That too in a localized space encapsulating the busy turnpike at the Pitthala Handiya.

Also, Ms. Lakmani Welgama, GMD Nimal Welgama, Director Marketing, Karishma Welgama, CEO, P.K.D.S Samantha, with all these people present we just could not, would not miss the importance of the event. More so we had you, our customers, who were accorded your place of primacy.  That too you could have tested the salivating array of chocolate we had on offer.

The latest addition to the chain of Kandos shops has a relaxed atmosphere with friendly staff offering chocolate-infused treats to visitors. It is not just a chocolate café but one of the best hanging out places where one can drop in with his or her friends, chat, and enjoy the good-humored atmosphere.

At this newly opened hand-crafted Chocolate shop, you can satiate your taste buds with the chocolate-dipped fruit & marshmallow sticks, ( bet you’ve never tried THAT before), Chocolate dipped nuts, your choice of cashew or almond, or hazelnut  ( see what we mean)? Then we had Hot Kanvita, Hot chocolate, and Café Mocha.

Apart from those, Strawberry center white choco, white choco dark amaretto, coffee cream, bailey’s cream, milk almonds, cashew clusters, buttermilk solid, chocolate cherry macaroons, butterscotch, choco cherry ripped slice, coconut bars, coffee center, and Easter bunny are also on demand.

It’s the perfect place to meet, Why? free wifi, TV, a vanity area, and a super place to just relax and enjoy the camaraderie of friends. Heard of the chocolate fountain? It’s a new experience.  Ooops !! forgot. It's also a place to dine.