PayMaster introduces MediSearch to enhance accessibility to pharmacies, medicine stocks

As part of its social responsibility, leading home-grown mobile reload and utility payment app PayMaster recently introduced an exclusive feature called MediSearch, as an innovative solution to ease the burden off every Sri Lankan, amid the country’s crisis situation.

Through the MediSearch feature, PayMaster users are presented with an intuitive user interface that enables them to seamlessly inquire from their nearest pharmacies, on the availability of their required medicines in real time. MediSearch is freely available to all Sri Lankans who use the PayMaster mobile app.

Within the first two weeks of launch over 300 pharmacies have joined the MediSearch network, and the company expects this network to reach 3,000 pharmacies within the next two months, covering all the areas in the country.

During the development of this feature, the company envisioned a system which would eradicate the current situation where people are subject to travelling from pharmacy to pharmacy in search of specific, sometimes basic medicines such as Panadol, which was a result of the medicine shortage. Additionally, more light was shed on this issue with the abrupt fuel shortage, which further restricted travelling capabilities.

PayMaster is an award-winning and highly acclaimed Sri Lankan mobile app which offers many other amazing features such as prepaid mobile top ups, utility bill payments, money transfer between banks, insurance premium payments, rider settlements, doctor appointment bookings and more.

A unique feature offered by PayMaster is the In-App Credit facility, providing users the option to obtain credit of up to LKR 50,000 within seconds which can be used within the app to make payments. The app is developed and maintained as per the highest international security standards and complies with the security standards guideline for mobile apps set by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL). PayMaster app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, Apple App Store and Huawei Store.