Soorya takes the ‘Avurudu Litha' digitally to Sri Lankan households

Sun Match Company, producer of Sri Lanka’s iconic, trusted and familiar household brand ‘Soorya’, has introduced a unique Digital Litha for the first time, helping families, young and old, to celebrate the Avurudu customs and auspicious festivities with ease.

Every year, those celebrating Avurudu eagerly await the publishing of the Litha to observe family traditions, and follow the auspicious timings, customs and rituals to usher in the New Year. Sourcing a Litha and constantly having to refer information can be a cumbersome and time-consuming task. However, now, the Soorya Digital Litha is conveniently accessible and offers easy reference for the entire household.

Having enriched Sri Lankan lives for almost 40 years, Soorya, drawing parallels to honour the Sun festival also known as the Sinhala and Tamil New Year, brings the Digital Litha to every household in an innovative and user-friendly manner. The Digital Litha is an ideal solution for the household providing greater convenience similar to the functionalities of a box of Soorya safety matches.

To access the Digital Litha, an individual simply needs a smartphone to scan any Soorya matchbox, which enables access to the AR filter to view the Litha on the Soorya social media applications, Facebook and Instagram.

The Digital Litha contains eight (08) auspicious times on important rituals such as Bathing in the old year, Dawn of the New Year, Punya Kaalaya, Lighting of the Hearth, Ganudenu, Partaking of Food, Anointing of Oil and Leaving for work in the New Year.

“Soorya is the trusted household brand which has been continuously innovating to keep abreast of the changes of the Sri Lankan consumer for almost 40 years. As the dawn of the New Year approaches, we wish all our customers prosperous new beginnings and truly believe the Digital Litha will offer a one-of-a-kind experience with joyful celebrations," said Gowri Rajan Director/Chief Marketing Officer, Sun Match Company.

Soorya is recognised for several pioneering initiatives such as the introduction of wax coated safety matches. With the introduction of the Digital Litha and reduction in paper usage, Soorya is renewing its focus on sustainable living and environmental preservation. The company has also fully automated its distribution process, signifying marginal paper consumption.

As a market leader in Sri Lanka and based on the success of the brand, Soorya also offers the discerning household a wide product range including incense sticks, perfume sticks and dripless candles. In a strategic move, Soorya recently appointed respected Sri Lankan actress Yashodha Wimaladharma as its Brand Ambassador with an aim to enhance the brand’s visibility, reach a wider audience, and reinforce the trust and loyalty the company has earned over the years.

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