Elevating Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with Seylan Bank's 'Export Expert'

November 29, 2023

Navigating the complexities of international trade can be daunting for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Sri Lanka. Seylan Bank's game-changing 'Export Expert' service is specifically designed to empower SMEs. It is an innovative offering that provides comprehensive support and knowledge-sharing, empowering SMEs to excel in the global market even in these challenging times by equipping them with the necessary financial literacy they require. 

In a proactive move to encourage SMEs amidst the pandemic and economic uncertainties, Seylan Bank's Export Expert service stands out as a beacon of support with its holistic understanding of the needs of SMEs. Seylan Bank's commitment to the cause is unwavering, as they aim to foster an environment that helps SMEs flourish on a global scale.

Exports can open incredible opportunities of growth for SMEs, and Seylan Bank is a reliable partner in this endeavour. Their specialised financial solutions are tailored to ease the path of international trade. From expert guidance on export documentation to secure confirmation services and pre-shipment facilities, as well as to simplify cross-border transactions and reduce risks. With Export Expert, you can step confidently into the global arena and seize new opportunities.

One of the key advantages of Export Expert is its potential to enhance the competitiveness of SME products in the global market. Seylan Bank's competitive exchange rates ensure that SMEs may sell their goods at prices that give them an international advantage. Furthermore, Seylan Bank's attractive loan facilities with favourable interest rates encourage SMEs to invest boldly in their export ventures, driving growth and innovation.

Ranil Dissanayake, Deputy General Manager, Branch Credit at Seylan Bank PLC, stated, "Seylan Bank is dedicated to propelling Sri Lankan SMEs to success on the global stage. Through our Export Expert service, we're passionate about providing essential support, expert guidance, and tailor-made financial solutions. We believe this will empower SMEs to survive and thrive in international markets. Count on Seylan Bank as your dependable partner in pursuing global opportunities. Together, we'll contribute to Sri Lanka's economic growth."

Seylan Bank's global network, encompassing over 500 banks across more than 100 countries, allows SMEs to establish strong global trade relationships, enabling SMEs to broaden their horizons and confidently explore new markets. Moreover, the accessibility of Export Expert services at any Seylan Bank branch in the country ensures a seamless and inclusive experience.

In an era marked by economic shifts and uncertainties, Seylan Bank's Export Expert service emerges as an industry leader, supporting businesses seeking to thrive in the global export landscape. SMEs can break barriers and conquer international markets through Seylan Bank's tailor-made financial solutions, enhanced competitiveness, and far-reaching network. As Seylan Bank continues to champion the cause of SMEs, they are poised to drive Sri Lanka's export growth, contributing to the nation's economic resilience and prosperity.