Marina Square - Uptown Colombo celebrates the structural completion of all 5 Towers

February 21, 2024


Marina Square - Uptown Colombo, Sri Lanka’s premier harbour-front luxury mixed development project, announced the structural completion of all 5 towers at an event held on 30th January 2024, aptly titled ‘A Sky-High Toast to Commitment’. Backed by industry giants Access Engineering PLC and China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC), the achievement of this significant milestone off the heels of a challenging two years, underscores the  joint shareholders’ steadfast commitment to the project and all stakeholders involved.

Speaking at the event Mr. Christopher Joshua, the Executive Vice Chairman of Access Engineering PLC reiterated the importance of the milestone and potential that Marina Square holds for discerning homeowners, “The structural completion of all five towers in the aftermath of a crisis that almost crippled the industry is a remarkable achievement and is only testament to our resolute commitment to the successful completion of this project, which we believe will be one of the best our country has to offer on completion. The accomplishment of this milestone, along with other ongoing work in MEP and finishing, now positions the project well on track for overall completion by end 2025.”

Attended by representatives of both  shareholders, project consultants, regulatory authorities and other dignitaries, and hosted on the rooftop of the rear towers, the occasion afforded invitees a taste of the panoramic views of the Colombo Harbour, Colombo City, Port City and Indian Ocean, that discerning homeowners will get to call their own.

The Project Director and Marina Square Board Member, Mr. Kosala Wickramasinghe, sharing his thoughts at the event attributed the vast resources, strength and experience of Access Engineering and CHEC for sustained construction activities through challenging periods and noted, “The development will surely revolutionise the urban luxury living experience in the country, with our curated spaces and range of amenities that have been thoughtfully designed to suit the requirements of every modern homeowner. It is the perfect place in Colombo to witness the city’s transformation while experiencing the comfort of convenience in every aspect.”

Mr. Wang Gang, Joint Managing Director of Chine Harbour Engineering Company, further commented on the importance of this achievement to the industry as a whole; “This structural completion  is  not  just  a  milestone  for  Marina  Square,  but  also  for  the  entire  construction  industry  in  our  country.  It  sends  a  strong  message  that  even  in  difficult  times,  we  can  persevere  and  emerge  stronger”

Marina Square is located on a five-acre expanse and boasts 1088 condominiums across five towers of 36 floors, as well as two acres of open to sky gardens and recreational areas. Its prime location, just 2km from the highly anticipated Colombo International Financial City (Port City) and 400m from the Port Access Elevated Highway, along with an extensive array of common amenities ranging from an infinity pool to barbecue coves, camping areas, walking and jogging tracks to a multipurpose court, squash courts, and rooftop skydecks, succeed in positioning Marina Square as a landmark development in the heart of Tomorrow's Colombo.