ICBT - Sunderland Alumni Meet Up 2024 - Celebrates Education Excellence and Global Networks

ICBT Campus, a longstanding leader in Sri Lanka's higher education landscape, proudly hosted the Annual Meet Up of its Sunderland University alumni at the Kingsbury Hotel in Colombo. Serving as the representative for the esteemed Sunderland University in the UK for over two decades, ICBT has been a cornerstone for thousands of Sri Lankan students who have received quality higher education from this renowned UK institution.

The recently concluded Alumni Meet Up provided a vibrant platform for graduates to reconnect, celebrate their shared experiences, and foster stronger networks. Many of these alumni have gone on to hold influential positions in organizations both in Sri Lanka and internationally, showcasing the success of the ICBT - Sunderland partnership across diverse disciplines.

The gala affair drew participation from over 100 past ICBT - Sunderland alumni, and the event was graced by Dr.Jagath Alwis, Chairman - ICBT Campus, Dr.Sampath Kannangara, Executive Director/ Executive Dean/ CEO  - ICBT Campus and other members of the ICBT senior management while the University of Sunderland was represented by Mr. Ben Dale, Chief Financial Officer - University of Sunderland, Mr. Jamie Simpson, Head of International Development - University of Sunderland, Ms Angela Mason – Head of International Business Support , University of Sunderland, Ms Karen Giles, Associate Head of School (CPD & International Nursing) - University of Sunderland, Ms Elizabeth Clark - Senior Lecturer – Nursing, University of Sunderland, Ms Bhavna Bagga, Director of Recruitment and Partnerships, South Asia - University of Sunderland, Ms Julie Pescod, Deputy International Support Manager - University of Sunderland.

"As the leading partner in Sri Lanka for Sunderland University for over two decades, the alumni meet up is a testament to our successful efforts to provide quality, international education to our students over the years. The vast number of ICBT - Sunderland alumni leading organizations globally and in Sri Lanka is a representation of our unwavering commitment to the single vision of providing the best higher education to Sri Lankan students," remarked Dr.Sampath Kannangara, Executive Director/ Executive Dean/ CEO  - ICBT Campus.

Sunderland University, ranked among the top 50 universities in the Guardian University Guide 2024, boasts a legacy of over 125 years in education excellence, offering world-leading research and collaborations with the public and private sectors. Through ICBT Campus, the university provides a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across various disciplines, including Business Management, Nursing, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Automotive Engineering and Network Systems Engineering.

Established in 2000, ICBT Campus stands as the foremost private higher education institute in Sri Lanka with a global alumni network of over 65,000. Currently hosting more than 15,000 students across multiple campuses island-wide, ICBT is a trusted partner for several renowned international universities in the UK and Australia. The programs offered include Certificate programs, Diplomas, Higher Diplomas, Pre-University foundation programs, Undergraduate programs, and Masters-level programs, catering to a diverse range of disciplines.