Let us plant a tree with NSB for a thriving tomorrow

United Nations Organization (UNO) has introduced Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with the purpose of alleviation of world poverty, ensuring peace and harmony among the humans and protect the environment and thereby preserve the earth, the only human habitat in the universe.  

Integrating the said SDGs with the corporate values since 2019 and through the NSB Agroforestry Project since 2017, National Savings Bank (NSB) has been able to offer an exclusive banking service to the customers, combined with an environmental value.    

Making investments not only for generating profits but also for the wellbeing of the motherland is a unique feature of our institution. Therefore, we consider that contributing to the preservation of natural resources, including, flora and fauna, rivers, and waterfalls and fostering a country enriched with all essentials for our younger generations, the backbone of our country, is our corporate responsibility. It goes hand in hand with the main principles of the Bank: saving and thrift.     

In order to ensure that all Sri Lankans are stakeholders of this national cause, National Savings Bank, as the official banking partner of the Ministry of Agriculture and Planation Industry, has make arrangements this year as well to distribute plants of economic value among the customers in observance of the tree planting ritual at the auspicious time for the Sinhala Hindu New Year, on 15th April, 2024, through the island wide branch network of the Bank. In addition, two special gifts will be offered for the new year transactions with the ‘Avurudu Wasana’ Special Fixed Deposit Account.    

The inauguration ceremony of this programme, which will be implemented island wide, was held at the Head Office of National Savings Bank, in Kollupitya, with the initiation of, Sarath Chandrasiri, the former Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Plantation Industries and Chairman of Hadabima Authority, Dushyantha Basnayake, the Acting Chairman, NSB  and Shashi Kandambi, the General Manager/CEO of NSB, and the participation of, D.D. V Shyamali, Director – Agriculture, Ministry of Plantation Industries, K. Raveendran, Senior Deputy General Manager and the senior management of the Bank.   

This year, the auspicious time of planting trees has fallen on 18 April, at 10:16. p.m.