Empowering Women, Inside and Out SDB bank successfully concludes a Month-long Empowerment Campaign

Women empowerment has been central to SDB bank's approach to business since its inception, embodying a commitment deeply ingrained in the organizational mindset. The bank's successful two-fold approach encompasses empowering women within the organization and supporting women externally. This commitment is evident in the bank's promotion of equality, diversity, and inclusion, reflected notably in its workforce composition, with 48% being women, including significant representation in top leadership positions.

March held particular significance for SDB bank as it launched a unique Digital Media campaign throughout the month, linking its efforts to recognize and pay tribute to women within the organization with its broader drive to empower women nationwide. Through this campaign, SDB bank showcased the remarkable contributions of women within their ranks, sharing inspiring stories of courage and commitment, delivering a powerful message of resilience.

The objective of conveying a message about strength and resilience through the campaign was met with resounding success, as the content received a warm response and achieved high organic reach across the country on social media platforms. The stories resonated deeply with many women, forging meaningful connections with a wide audience.

This success is expected to complement the bank's ongoing efforts in redefining women empowerment over the years, particularly its support for women entrepreneurs across Sri Lanka. As a pivotal force driving SME development in rural areas, SDB bank has catalyzed entrepreneurship among Sri Lankan women by identifying, educating, mentoring thousands of entrepreneurs, and providing necessary financial assistance for their success. These efforts have garnered international recognition, resulting in substantial gender financing, such as the recent USD 40 million grant from the US International Development Finance Corporation designated specifically for women's empowerment initiatives.

With a steadfast commitment to women's empowerment, SDB bank continues to make significant strides towards fostering a more inclusive and equitable society, where women are empowered to thrive and contribute meaningfully to economic development and social progress.