HNB General Insurance Launches Hotline '1303' Elevating Customer Convenience and Accessibility New Heights

HNB General Insurance has recently launched their dedicated hotline '1303', unleashing their latest initiative for enhanced customer experience.  The new hotline '1303' is set to be a game changer for both the company and for customers alike by elevating convenience and accessibility to new heights. 

HNB General Insurance has long been committed to delivering exceptional service and care to its customers across Sri Lanka. And the significance of hotline '1303' lies in its promise of instant assistance and personalized support. 

Customers can now access expert help with just a simple phone call, eliminating the need for lengthy wait times and cumbersome processes. Whether it's filing a claim, updating a policy, or seeking information, hotline '1303' ensures that customers receive prompt and reliable service at their fingertips.

In a statement regarding the launch, Sithumina Jayasundara, CEO of HNB General Insurance, expressed his excitement about the new initiative, highlighting its importance in enhancing customer satisfaction. "We're thrilled to introduce hotline '1303' as part of our ongoing efforts to prioritize customer convenience and accessibility," said Jayasundara. "At HNB General Insurance, we're dedicated to making the insurance experience as seamless as possible for our valued customers."

“Beyond the obvious benefits, hotline '1303' also holds significance as a strategic move to elevate the overall service standards and operational efficiency, paving the way for HNB General Insurance to gain a great competitive edge in the market. Direct feedback from customers will also provide valuable insights for the company to continuously improve and innovate its offerings” remarked Dilshan Perera, Chief Transformation Officer of HNB General Insurance. 

The launch of hotline '1303' marks a significant milestone for HNB General Insurance, signaling its unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in customer service. As the company continues to prioritize convenience and accessibility, hotline '1303' reinforces its position as a trusted partner for all general insurance needs in Sri Lanka.