Asian Paints Causeway Brings New Life to Sangattikulama Sinhala Junior School

With a heartfelt commitment to making a meaningful contribution to the community, Asian Paints Causeway has extended a helping hand to Sangattikulama Sinhala Junior School by completely renovating and painting the entire school, turning it into a dream location for its students.

Anamaduwa Sangattikulama Sinhala Junior School serves as a cherished second home for numerous students from over 10 surrounding villages, most of whom come from underprivileged households. With a dedicated team of 13 teachers, the school provides a nurturing environment where the students' dreams of a bright future take root.

As the school approaches its 100th anniversary, it was in dire need of refurbishment, lacking even a name board. Asian Paints Causeway takes great pride in setting up a name board for the school and transforming it into a pleasant learning environment for the students by color washing the entire school for the first time in its 100 ears of history. 

“We are deeply grateful to Asian Paints Causeway for transforming our school into a wonderful and pleasant place for our students. The vast majority of our students come from underprivileged families, and their only hope is education. Turning these classrooms into inspiring spaces where our students find freedom and joy is not just a social service initiative but one that makes a real difference,” said Mr. R.M.T.B. Rathnayake, the principal of Anamaduwa Sangattikulama Sinhala Junior School. 

The renovation project at Sangattikulama is one of many initiatives under Asian Paints Causeway's broader CSR project, 'Pahabara Divi.' This program will extend to other deserving schools in the near future.

"The joy of bringing light to the lives of others is a feeling beyond words. This project, dear to us, showcases our passion and commitment to positively impacting society. 'Pahabara Divi' remains an ongoing endeavor, with continued support to ensure the school stays in excellent condition. As 'Your Trusted Paint Partner,' we take joy in bringing color and happiness to the lives of many," said Mr. Anuradha Edirisinghe, Head of Marketing and Activation of Asian Paints Causeway.

Asian Paints Causeway has also created a heartwarming video capturing the stories of the school shared by students, parents, and teachers. This video is available to the public on their social media platforms.