Suwasevana Hospital Elevates Eye Care Services with State-of-the-Art Theatre and ZEISS Microscope

Suwasevana Hospital, a leading private healthcare provider in Kandy, has reached a significant milestone with the addition of a new theatre complex and the state-of-the-art ZEISS LUMERA® 700 microscope to their Eye Care Center. Renowned for its exceptional eye care services, Suwasevana Hospital boasts the highest number of top eye surgeons and surgeries in the region. This latest enhancement, made with an investment of 100 million rupees, underscores the hospital's commitment to excellence in patient care.

With over three decades of unwavering dedication, Suwasevana Hospital has established itself as one of the most respected private healthcare providers in Kandy. The year 2021 marked the beginning of a new era of growth and development for the hospital, with substantial investments being made to elevate service standards and facilities. Eye care has been a focal point of this development, given its long-standing prominence in the region.

“As one of the most reputed private healthcare providers in Kandy, Suwasevana Hospital has always placed great significance on eye care. Our high standing in this field is a result of our continuous drive for excellence. With these new improvements, we aim to introduce retinal surgeries, currently available only in Colombo, to our facility,” said Mr. Nalin Pasqual, CEO of Suwasevana Hospital.

The ZEISS LUMERA® 700 microscope is designed for all ophthalmic specialties and offers advanced features to enhance surgical performance. It simplifies intraocular lens alignment with its markerless IOL alignment feature and provides real-time imaging during surgery with integrated intraoperative OCT3 imaging. As part of the ZEISS Cataract Suite, it works seamlessly with other leading products to ensure the best outcomes.

"With the addition of the ZEISS LUMERA® 700 microscope and a new theatre complex, we are setting a new benchmark in eye care services. This significant investment reflects our commitment to providing the highest quality of care, and we are thrilled to offer our patients access to cutting-edge technology and enhanced treatment options," said Srimath Welivita, Head of Business Development at Suwasevana Hospital.

Suwasevana's Eye Care Center offers comprehensive services tailored to individual needs with a dedicated team of ophthalmologists, optometrists, and support staff committed to delivering excellence. Advanced diagnostic tools, state-of-the-art technology, and personalized treatment plans distinguish Suwasevana Eye Care from the rest. The center's experienced surgeons perform advanced cataract surgeries using cutting-edge techniques and premium intraocular lenses, restoring clarity and improving vision quality. It also provides specialized care for contact lens wearers and caters to pediatric eye care needs.

Located in the heart of Kandy, Suwasevana Hospitals (PVT) LTD is the city’s premier private hospital, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and technology. The hospital offers 120 air-conditioned high luxury rooms, creating a serene environment for patients. Suwasevana is committed to providing top-notch, personalized care through a team of expert physicians and proficient professionals.