9 Unusual Businesses That Are Taking Advantage Of The Legal Marijuana Industry

December 02, 2014

Marijuana businesses are hot right now in the United States, but they date back to colonial times, when it was mandated by British law to grow hemp.

In the last few years, the pot industry has been jump-started by the loosening of laws in several states. The highly profitable crop is now giving life to a host of ancillary businesses from tech to event planning.

Here's what some of the creative pot-loving entrepreneurs have come up with.

Eaze is a new delivery service for cannabis card-holding San Franciscans. You just open the app, choose a dispensary, pick out your bud and quantity, and make the order. Within 20 minutes, a delivery person will arrive with whatever kind of sticky icky you ordered. One hitch is that it's cash only, because no bank will accept loot from marijuana sales.

MedMen is a marijuana-focused consulting company that assists dispensaries with licensing and management. Starting out in California, MedMen is currently helping businesses in Nevada and Illinois set up shop. The company recently partnered with G FarmaLabs, a Cannabis Cup-winning maker of edibles and oils.

Like many B&Bs, Get High Getawayis run by a husband-and-wife duo. Except in this Denver spot, weed smoking (and getting naked) is encouraged. Along with your room. you can get a personal driver who's available 24/7. 


happiness flowers bhutanFlickr/*christopher*

Buds and Blossoms in Alma, Colorado is your wedding weed florist. What bride and groom would be complete without bouquets and "bud-tonnieres" featuring some beautiful and smokable nugs? Owner Bec Koop recently merged her traditional wedding floral arrangement business with her passion for marijuana, and now helps couples select weed arrangements for their special day.

Event planning

Screen Shot 2014 12 01 at 10.41.15 AMFox31 Denver

Jane West lost her day job after vaping on a CNBC pot documentary, but bounced back by opening her own business. West's Edible Events hosts bring-your-own-cannabis events throughout Colorado. One of West's biggest events was a concert series fundraiser for the Colorado Symphony called "Classically Cannibis: The High Note Series." She has also started a weed networking company called Women Grow

Child-resistant bags

Screen Shot 2014 12 01 at 10.43.52 AMstinksack.com

In the heavily regulated marijuana industry, everything down to the plastic storage bags needs to meet government standards. Stink Sack makes no-smell, childproof opaque bags that conform to state regulations so you can walk out of dispensaries with a locked plastic bag in accordance to the law. With pre-printed warnings, and a tamper-proof slider lock, you may not even be able to open it if you smoke too much of the purple stuff.

Digital "budtender"

Screen Shot 2014 12 01 at 10.45.55 AMcannabuild.me

Hailed as the "Tinder for marijuana," the CannaBuild app allows users to order weed from any Colorado dispensary for pickup. The app includes information about different strains, potency, and other characteristics to help patients pick the perfect bud. Users also can have one-on-one sessions with "budtenders" to answer questions within the app.

Sensimilla social network

Screen Shot 2014 12 01 at 10.47.27 AMmassroots.com

Although pot is legal in some places, it's still unwise to post your pot-related activities on Facebook, Twitter, and most other social networks. If you want show yourself smoking the ganja but do not want family or employers to find out, MassRoots provides a platform where you don't have to use your real name. The Instagram for tokers currently has more than 100,000 users.

Weed lover app

Screen Shot 2014 12 01 at 10.49.07 AMLeafly.com

Leafly, a Seattle-based company owned by Privateer Holdings, is an online community for cannabis enthusiasts. You can explore and rate strains, review dispensaries, and keep up with news about the industry on the company's website or through its app.  

(Business Insider)