'The Foreigner' Trailer: Action Legends Jackie Chan And Pierce Brosnan Face Off For Justice

Jackie Chan is finally back and kicking hard! The new trailer for his upcoming action thriller "The Foreigner" the new action thriller from 'Casino Royale and Zor' director Martin Campbell, has taken the internet by storm. The trailer paves a surprise for fans of the 63-year-old star who has played countless upbeat heros over the course of an eclectic, five-decade career.

In contrast to Jackie Chan’s signature action comedy 'The Foreigner, set in the backdrop of London, revolves around a businessman (Chan) who goes to great lengths to find the terrorists behind fiery IRA terrorist blast that took his daughter's life. He sets out to unravel the real reason and the culprits who might be connected to a British government official, played by Pierce Brosnan.

As you expect Martial Arts expert and James Bond are in neck to neck in the movie.

The Foreigner is based on Stephen Leather’s novel 'The Chinaman' (1992), and it will be in theaters on October 13, 2017.

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