Super Typhoon Neoguri Threatens Okinawa

A large super typhoon is gathering force as it barrels along a path that is expected to take it close to the Japanese island of Okinawa.

By the time it nears Okinawa early Tuesday, Super Typhoon Neoguri is likely to be generating winds as strong as a Category 5 hurricane, meteorologists say.

"This is a beast," said CNN International Meteorologist Tom Sater.

Okinawa, where multiple U.S. military facilities are situated, regularly finds itself in the path of big typhoons. Many of the buildings on the island are designed to weather the powerful winds that come roaring in off the Western Pacific.

Based on current predictions, Neoguri is expected to pass to the west of Okinawa, sparing the island its full fury.

"It'll brush Okinawa -- maybe Category 1, Category 2 winds," Sater said. "But they're ready for that."