Trump Expected To Name Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson As US Secretary Of State

December 13, 2016

US President-elect Donald Trump was due on Tuesday to formally announce Rex Tillerson's nomination as US secretary of state. The nomination was leaked to the media on Monday, however, by two people close to Trump's transition team.

Trump already said in an interview with Fox News on Sunday that he was leaning toward selecting Tillerson, describing the Exon Mobil CEO as "a world-class player."

The Texan has been criticized, however, due to his representing Exxon's interests in Russia during the 1990s. He also reportedly has close ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Lawmakers from both major parties have raised questions about Tillerson, also pointing to his extensive deal-making around the world on behalf of the US oil giant as well as his lack of political experience.


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