Interpol Warns 173 IS Bombers Could Be Europe

European counterterrorism networks warned that the battleground losses of the so-called "Islamic State" could lead to suicide bombers taking revenge by attacking targets in Europe, Britain's Guardian newspaper reported on Friday.

The Interpol list, dated May 27, said there could be more than 173 IS operatives who "have been trained to build and position improvised explosive devices in order to cause serious deaths and injuries. It is believed that they can travel internationally, to participate in terrorist activities."

There was no evidence that any of the people on the list had already entered Europe, but a European counterterrorism officer told the Guardian that one of the reasons for circulating the list in Europe was to identify those on it who were possibly born and raised in European countries.

In 2015 the United Nations said there were 20,000 foreign fighters in Iraq and Syria, about 4,000 of whom had come from Europe.