Race To Free Mumbai Building Collapse Survivors

Rescue workers in the Indian city of Mumbai are struggling to free a number of people trapped underneath a collapsed four-storey building. Officials say at least eight people are known to have died and 15 were rescued. Reports suggest part of the building was used as a nursing home but it was being renovated at the time.

Building accidents are not uncommon in India, particularly during the monsoon season. Poor construction standards are often to blame. The ground floor of the building in the Ghatkopar suburb, which housed the nursing home, was vacant at the time of the collapse, city fire chief PS Rahangdale said.

Several families lived on each of the other floors, he told Reuters news agency. Officials told the BBC that about 10 people were still trapped but other reports say dozens are feared to be still under the rubble. There is an anxious wait for survivors and relatives who are waiting for news of their family members and friends.