Champika Joins "Anti-PB" Campaign

Minister of Technology and Research and JHU stalwart Champika Ranawaka has also joined the 'campaign' against Dr. P.B. Jayasundara by launching an alternate plan for the country's economic development. 

Ranawaka's economic plan will be officially launched in Colombo on July 07. In his plan, the Minister would emphasize the need of driving Sri Lanka away from an entertainment-based economic policy. 
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Ranawaka's move has come in a context where several Cabinet ministers have strongly criticized the conduct of the Treasury Secretary and the manner in which he maneuvers the economy of Sri Lanka. NFF Leader Minister Wimal Weerawansa has been the most explicit critique of Dr. P.B. Jayasundara. 
When the Treasury Secretary addressed the workshop for ruling party MPs which took place in Beruwala last week, he came under severe pressure from Parliamentarians of the UPFA who questioned Dr. Jayasundara's viewpoints on the country's economic progress. 
UPFA Parliamentarians namely Uditha Lokubandara and Shantha Bandara asked questions on various issues from Dr. Jayasundara when he delivered his speech at the workshop for ruling party MPs. 
However, in his speech, Dr. Jayasundara said he was a "servant" who is doing job for the country and its leader. Hr added that he was like the "Butler" of the White House who makes the life easy for the US President.
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