'Rauff Hakeem Is Rabid : We Will Flay Him' - BBS

General Secretary of the Bodu Bala Sena yesterday threatened to flay Justice Minister Rauff Hakeem calling him an agent of international extremist Islam organizations. 

 The BBS General Secretary also went on to call the Sri Lankan Justice Minister a 'pariah'. 

 'We request the All Ceylon Jamiyatul Ulama to leash their dogs. If not, they will get beaten by us," Gnanasara Thera added. 
"Rauff Hakeem, who's acting like a rabid dog, wants to create an ethnic split in the country and stay in power forever. For that, they are not afraid to betray the country and its people," the BBS General Secretary said referring to the report provided by Minister Rauff Hakeem to UN Human Rights High Commissioner Navi Pillai. 
Ganansara Thera made these remarks addressing a press conference in Colombo yesterday.
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