Ruki Fernando And Fr. Praveen Have Links To Man Who Shot At Police - SL Govt

Sri Lanka's Permanent Mission to Geneva in a statement to the international community says human rights activists Ruki Fernando and Father Praveen Mahesan are being questioned over their alleged connection with 'Gobi', a criminal who was involved in the shootout in Kilinochchi last Thursday. 

The Mission says two human rights activists had been engaging with people connected to Gobi. 

Disappearance activist B. Jeyakumari and her daughter Vibhoosika were also taken into Police custody for harbouring Gobi who, according to Police, was involved in smuggling. Police said 'Gobi' opened fire at a Police team in Dharmapuram, Kilinochchi, hiding from a house belonging to Jeyakumari.

The Sri Lankan mission also adds that Gobi has connections with groups who are trying to revive terrorism in the North. 

"This development underscores the need to be vigilant on the acivities of remnants of the terrorist group, considering its bearing on national security. Subsequent to the immense bloodshed and suffering endured by the people of Sri Lanka following three decades of terrorism, it is all the more imperative on the government to ensure its non-recurrence," the statement said.

Sri Lanka's representatives in Geneva have come under immense pressure from various groups over the arrest of two human rights activists.

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