TNA Changes Tune Ahead Of UN Vote - Says It Wants To Continue Talks

While the Sri Lankan government's delegation in Geneva is accusing the TNA of its unwillingness to proceed with bilateral talks, the TNA led Northern Provincial Council today (19) made a decision to engage in bilateral discussions with the government on the grounds that there were pre-condition. 

 The bilateral discussion between the TNA and the government is aimed at finding a lasting political solution to the Tamil problem. 

Talks between the TNA and the government which began in January 2011 abruptly came to an end in February 2012 when the President convened an all party representative committee (APC) to find a solution to the demand of political autonomy to the Northern Province.

The TNA accused the government of sabotaging bilateral talks by convening APC. 

The TNA has made the move in a context where a large section of the international community is demanding an international inquiry into alleged war crimes during the final phase of Eelam war.

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