A donkey on nominations board given her nominations; Basil responds to Oshadhi's remarks

SLPP national organizer former Minister Basil Rajapaksa said a "donkey" in the nominations panel had given nomination to actress Oshadhi Hewamadduma to contest the Parliamentary election.

Rajapaksa was resonding to Hewamadduma's remarks that the SLPP had fielded both donkeys and horses for the upcoming Parliamentary election.

"She sent this particular clip to me and ask for my comments." Rajapaksa said addressing a public gathering today.

"I replied to thos candidate saying a donkey on the nominations board had given nominations to people like her."

Addressing the same gathering, Rajapaksa siad he advised the SLPP Media Spkesman not to speak to media as it would create "unwanted issues."

"That's why you haven't seen him much on media conferences," he said.

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