TRC Attends To Kelinkanda 4G Issue: Assures To Resolve Connectivity Issues

November 19, 2020

The Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (TRC) said its teams were dispatched immediately today on being brought to notice of the lack of connectivity in Kelinkanda in Baduraliya and children studying on the roadside to get 4G connectivity for studies.

The TRC, issuing a statement, said, "The "Gamata Sannivedanaya" project was launched with exactly the core objective of ensuring no area is left uncovered with broadband connectivity which was endorsed as a national project on the Budget 2021.

Telecom operators also were called in for the site visit and technical planning was made to ensure 4G connectivity for not only Kelinkanda but adjoining areas within 2 weeks on the direction of Director General of TRCSL who personally visited the area with the team. Divisional Secretary of Palinda Nuwara (Baduraliya) also joined on the visit. We will continue to actively drive ahead the coverage improvement initiatives in ensuring 100% connectivity ensuring the digital divide is eradicated in the country."

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