CMC-run COVID19 Vaccination Programme Carried Out According To "Rosy Madam's List": Colombo Residents Allege

February 22, 2021

Several residents of Colombo have alleged on Facebook that COVID19 vaccination at a facility set up at the Public Library by the Colombo Municipal Council is being done according to "Rosy Madam's List."

At leat two residents, sharing their accounts on social media, stated that some people were given favourable teatment as their names appeared on a list sent by Colombo Mayor Rosy Senanayake's list.

"There were several sheets of paper numbered to about 1000 NOT in alphabatical order. So I asked how one got on that list, because, as far as I knew, CMC didn't have a registration process. The only answer I got was that it's a list of names given by Madam," a resident said.

However, speaking to an English daily, Senanayake said there was no such list and she did not interfere with the vaccination process.

Meanwhile, a number of health authorities told Asian Mirror that vaccination process was taking place in the country in an ad-hoc manner, without any clear policy.

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