Govt. Says Sri Lanka Will Set A World Record By Vaccinating 14 Mil. People While Ongoing Vaccination Programme Draws Criticism

February 24, 2021

Cabinet Minister Ramesh Pathirana said Sri Lanka intended to set a world record by vaccinating 14 million people within the shortest period of time.

The Cabinet Spokesman said measures were taken to purchase 10 million doses of Oxford-Astrazeneca Vaccine from Serum Institute, India at Rs. 52.5 million.

"In addition, we will receive 3.5 million doses of the vaccine under the COVAX programme," he also added.

Sri Lanka rolled out the COVID19 vaccination programme with the consignment of vaccines donated by India as a goodwill gesture.

However, the implementation of the vaccination programme has come under severe criticism from independent health bodies for being "ad-hoc and disorganised."

There were multiple allegations that the vaccine was given in many places based on personal connections without adhering to a scientific priority-list.

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