Witch Doctor Dhammika Bandara Who Produced Controversial "Peniya" Says He Has Received Invitations To Enter Politics

Dhammika Bandara, the person who produced a controversial local cure for COVID19, says he has received invitations to enter politics.

"I don't like politicians. But a lot of politicians come to me to receive blessings. I have helped many of them," Bandara said spealing to the media.

"Some compared ny medicine with engine oil. But, even those who ridiculed me and my product ended up consuming me. When I found it hard to produce the medicine to meet the country's requirement, even the top-most people in the political administration blamed me. But never did something to help me," he added.

"There was no truth to claims that the Wildlife Department provided me with bees honey following a presidential directive. I had to find everything on my own," Bandara said.

A number of politicians, including Health Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi, who publicly consumed the controversial "local cure", were later tested positive for COVID19.

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