Government Grants Permission To Use All Ayurvedic Hospitals As COVID19 Treatment Centres Amidst Raging Pandemic

The government has granted permission to use Ayurvedic hospitals as COVID19 treatment centres due to the rising number of patients across the country.

Accordingly, all Ayurvedic hospitals in the country, including the Rajagiriya Ayurveda Hospital and the Navinna Ayurveda Hospital, will be converted into corona treatment centers in the future, State Minister Sisira Jayakody said.

Under the first phase, Borella Ayurveda Hospital, Navinna Ayurveda Research Institute and Pallekele Ayurveda Hospital will be used for COVID19 treatments.

The Ministry of Indigenous Medicine Promotion says that it plans to provide local medicines to patients referred to Ayurvedic hospitals.

Many COVID19 patients across the country are currenty at their places of residence due to non-availability of hospital beds.

Nearly 30 major Ayurvedic hospitals in the country are expected to ease the pressure on the public healthcare system.

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