Rice Mill Owners Run Rings Around Government: Announces New Retail Prices For Rice As Govt Revokes MRP Gazette

September 28, 2021

The Large Rice Mill Owners' Association has taken steps to announce new retail prices for three types of rice.

Accordingly, the retail price of a kilo of Nadu rice is Rs. 115, a kilo of Samba rice is Rs. 140 and a kilo of Kiri Samba rice is Rs. 165.

This was stated by the President of the Association Dudley Sirisena at a media briefing held today (28).

Meanwhile, the Cabinet yesterday (27) decided to cancel the gazette notification regarding the maximum retail and wholesale prices of rice.

"Even though some allegations have been made against the government over and over again, we must understand their situation. The government must look into many issues. This is just one," Sirisena added.

It has been decided to purchase Nadu paddy at Rs. 62.50, Samba paddy at Rs. 70 and Kiri Samba at Rs. 80, he further stated.

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