"I Will Not Be Afraid": Harin Posts Emotional Note On Facebook Hours Before Undergoing Decisive Heart Surgery

September 30, 2021

Opposition MP Harin Fernando posted an emotional note on Facebook just hours before undergoing a decisive heart surgery at a hospital in Colombo.

His note says as follows, "Tomorrow is the 01 of October. I will be facing an Eight-Hour long, decisive surgery tomorrow. On the 01st of May this year, I went through a similarly decisive test in life.

During this short span of time, I understood by experience that not only every day is a challenge, but life itself is a challenge. Needless to say that I learnt a lot of lessons for life by living through this.

I have faced risky trials and tests in my life, with regard to several matters. I have never backed down from facing challenges and risks. But, facing a test that is completely life-related is challenging and risky, above all the trials and tests I’ve faced so far.

I am ready for that too.

It is strange to face the same challenge twice in life.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you, who enquired about me, prayed for me and keep on praying for me from the time I was hospitalized, as per their beliefs and even those who trust in nature. The massive support from the people makes me even stronger.

I am fondly reminded that every one of you adds a very broad meaning to my life.

I was strengthened by the heartfelt blessings from every single one of my family, my doctors, my friends and colleagues.

I think it was God or a divine force of nature, which timely warned me at two most crucial moments, even when I was not feeling any physical discomfort. I still cannot believe that it so happened.

My conscience orders me that I have to dedicate my life for the further betterment of the lives of my people.

It goes onto order that I have to commit myself to the people, who strengthened me and those who supported me.

I have always stood for the truth and what is right, as per my conscience.

So, let’s meet someday in the future - and let that meeting be more comfortable, more closer, more heartfelt and full of strong vibes.

Hebrews 13:6. So we say with confidence, “The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. ... "

May God bless you all ! Stay safe

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